angry, sorry, happy, joy, sad, pleasure, depression - which do you think is most popular in 2011?

Thanks to google’s mind-blowing ngram engine, now we know.

So happy reigned supreme until about 1800, from when pleasure took over. Just before 2000, a new feeling rules the roost: Depression.

Up next Democracy support pays off in the end, at least from the perspective of USAID, even in Egypt A pretty comprehensive quantitative study of the effectiveness of democracy support (Finkel et al 2007& 2008) found that, when controlling for a Authority is not losing out to democracy, but to change. http://books.google.com/ngrams/chart?content=angry%2Csorry%2Chappy%2Cjoy%2Csad%2Cpleasure%2Cdepression&corpus=6&smoothing=3&year_start=1740&year_end=2
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