Dropbox and zotero

Have been pretty impressed by dropbox. It allows us to sync our work laptops with our main shared folder at work, plus it provides realtime backup and revisioning, plus we can share subfolders with our partners. The desktops don’t have a dropbox installation, they just use the shared network folder, which is the dropbox folder on the main server, and its subfolders. As dropbox only syncs changes made to files, we have even been using it to sync our 30MB zotero sqlite file plus associated stored pdfs etc. If you aren’t familiar with zoteroweb-aware reference manager which lives inside firefox, do check it out. What is great is that if I am sitting at home and add a reference to zotero and then close firefox, the changes are synced to the dropbox at work within a few seconds, which is pretty awesome really.

Even so we are still struggling to really use zotero in our workgroup. The new 1.5 version is supposed to have its own sync solution but it hasn’t worked for us yet. And sharing the zotero installation via a network folder is a touch-and-go affair anyway, even between fixed desktop computers. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

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