June 10, 2014

GANTT software

I quite often get asked (and ask myself) what is the best GANTT software for basic use.

Recently we have been comparing a few solutions so here are a couple of quick tips.

If you have a license for Microsoft Project I would use that, though it is a bit complex.
Online it is hard to find anything good which is free. Smartsheet.com is interesting and useful and has (basic) gantt functions, but you have to pay.

On the free, offline side:
Projectlibre https://www.projectlibre.org/
lots of features, you can copy and paste from and to spreadsheets, but basically your export is best just as a screenshot. You can make an OK pdf, fit to page width or height and that is about it.
It can import MS Project and also Gnome Planner format, and can save in MS Project format.
The interface is a bit awkward (Java), to move tasks up and down you have to cut and paste. It has different constraint types which are useful for advanced users but can be awkward to resolve.

Ganttproject is quite good:
The new beta version also includes ability to deal with resources & costs
but both suffer a bit on the export side.

On Linux we have gnome planner - looks nice, easy to use. Export is html

  • so you can convert into spreadsheet output which is great, but the actual GANTT graphics are very hard to export with a larger project. It says it can import xml including MS Project and csv and import csv but I had some problems with that.

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