Wouldn’t it be great if, for an evaluation, you could map out the project’s theory of change and then pin the data (the answers to the evaluation questions) directly on the diagram as pop-up notes? Ideally with different colours to mark different kinds of respondent (and other data sources). You could use it interactively with respondents, and/or paste the data on later and elicit comments.

I made a mock-up.

You can interact with it here, and view the comments. If you were logged in, you could also update the diagram, add comments etc.

I made it with Realtimeboard, now at miro.com, which is really interesting for this task. Disadvantage: There are only 3 colours for the comments.

You can also embed a diagram in a webpage, like this (you have to click on the symbol) -

It updates live, but you can’t see the comments.

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