Stop your figures jumping about in odfWeave

If you use odfWeave to produce figures, you will probably find they
jump about when scrolling through the document — because the figures
and figure frames are anchored in openoffice to the paragraph and not
“as character”. The only way to fix this in a finished document is to
right-click on the figures and select anchor / as character.

But you can stop it happening in the first place by redefining your styles.

Define the styles

basicStyles <- getStyleDefs() … basicStyles$anchor2 <- basicStyles$basicFigFrame basicStyles$anchor2$imageAnchor <- as-char” basicStyles$anchor2$frameAnchor <- as-char” …

Set them


Use them

currentStyles <- getStyles() … currentStyles$figureFrame <- anchor2” ##defined in the other block … setStyles(currentStyles)

That should nail them down.

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