September 20, 2010

Unlimited conditional formats in openoffice spreadsheet

It’s annoying that openoffice, and I believe Excel too, limits you to just three formats which can be applied through conditional formatting.
For example, in my evaluation work, I have a column of phrases which i want to format each with one of five different formats, according to the number (from 1 to 5) in the column to the left.
But it isn’t impossible, … I just found a beautiful solution here.
Actually I simplified that solution even further, like this:
All you have to do is, in the conditional formatting dialogue, switch the dropdown to formula is” and paste in this: CHOOSE(condition,STYLE(“1”),STYLE(“2″),STYLE(“3”),STYLE(“4″),STYLE(“5”)), where _1, _2 are the names of styles defined in your sheet and condition is some condition which evaluates to a number from 1 to 5. Obviously there is no limit to the number of styles.
It doesn’t matter what style you choose in the Cell style” dropdown.
And that’s it.

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