October 14, 2010

Which parents are satisfied with their child’s education? Those who know their class representative well. Especially in poor schools.

Another result from our OSI / ESP survey of nearly 11000 parents in ten countries. Dots are individual parents.
The y-axis is individual parents’ overall satisfaction with their children’s education.
Red dots are parents who know their parent representatives well, blue dots are parents who do not; i.e. colour is mapped to the variable par.rep.1 which ranges from 1 to 4.
The x-axis is how well the parents in each school on averageknow their reps. So you can see that in schools where the parents know their reps well nearly all the parents are happy. In schools where parents on average know their reps less well, overall satisfaction with education is lower. But also there is a bigger range in satisfaction and this range is well explained by how well the individual parents know their reps. This is shown by the four lines which go through the means for each level of individual satisfaction.


So in short, if you are a parent in a school where most parents know their reps, you are probably happy with the education.  But if you are in one of the other schools, some are still satisfied with the education: those are the parents who know their reps well.


This graphic also shows the power of raw data plots as provided by ggplot2 (http://had.co.nz/ggplot2/) for R (http://r-project.org/).

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