May 13, 2009

Windows 7 RC in Virtualbox in ubuntu jaunty with Awesome Window Manager

I sometimes have to collaborate on fairly complex MS Word files, and OpenOffice on my Ubuntu Jaunty laptop can’t be relied upon to get everything just right - outline headings, zotero fields etc. But it was a real drag keeping my old XP partition running and I needed the space. So the other day I installed Windows 7 release candidate in virtualbox and it went like a dream. I just followed the instructions and there I was. I only gave the W7 installation 586 MB of ram and for my purposes it works fine, on the other hand my Lenovo laptop with 2GB ram is slowed down just perceptibly (normally it is so quick I have forgotten the old waiting-for-things-to-happen feeling I knew from my Windows days). W7 recognised the CD and found the network with no problem, including over wireless; bluetooth doesn’t seem to be working but I don’t need that anyway. Office 2007 is working on it just fine.
Anyway what is perhaps interesting for some is that I don’t have the fullness of gnome installed, I just use Awesome Window Manager which is a wickedly fast and lightweight window manager; even so, thanks to the brilliance of virtualbox and its seamless mode, I can use W7 programs inside AWM just as if they were Ubuntu programs.


Cool really.


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