Wordpress is a great blogging engine. But I spend almost all my time with plaintext files in markdown. Whatever I am working on, from my CV to statistical reports, I have it here on my hard disk and I can compile it as pdf or Word or whatever I feel like, and I can use R to automate stuff. Now, thanks to pelican I can write my blog in the same way. Hopefully, it will lower the barrier to writing and updating. So, welcome to my pelican-powered pages.

Nearly everything is up and running, the export from wordpress to a bunch of .md files was nearly perfect. Great to have my own content back on my own hard disk instead of floating about in a database.

I have lost the wordpress comments though, which is a real shame. I am using disqus now, which is a bit of a lock-in again.

Update, 2016: now I have switched to blot.im. Same basic thing, a bunch of text files, but even better. See my [writeup](http://stevepowell.blot.im/blot).
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