Using tags on blot.im to get a custom rss feed e.g. for contributing to r-bloggers.

On my old blog, any posts tagged with R appeared in special rss feed with the tag R, which was picked up by r-bloggers. On this shiny new blog powered by blot.im, that doesn’t happen automatically. So if you are using blot and want to contribute to r-bloggers, follow along with what I did, thanks to a tip from the Maker of blot:

  1. Created a new feed adapting these instructions:
  2. In the design for my template, added a new view” which I decided to name rfeed.xml (.xml to ensure the proper content-type is used). As URL I specified /rfeed.rss.
  3. Pasted in the code; note the two mentions of tagged.R. (I had to post the code on github because it gets eaten by blot.) I tweaked the example given to include the body of the post as well.

Now as I tagged this post with R, it should appear in the feed. I could also have created a tag folder called [R]’ to hold such posts but it is enough just to tag posts with the R tag.

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