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Causal Map intro September 24, 2020 causal-mapping causal map intro Causal Mapping - an earlier guide July 28, 2020 causal-mapping It seems like ancient history now, but I’ve just come across some writings from last year about causal mapping and our new app. Enjoy Answering the “why” question: piecing together multiple pieces of causal information July 27, 2020 Theorymaker & causal-mapping ((This is an abstract I just submitted to the 2019 DGeval conference in Bonn.)) We evaluators often ask questions about what causes what — because Progress on the Causal Map app March 30, 2020 evaluation & theorymaker & causalmapping & causal-mapping I’ve been working more or less full-time on our app for causal mapping, now called simply “Causal Map” for over a year now. You can find out more on Heads up: Data on go. January 1, 2000 causal-mapping causalmap.app and on test.causalmap.app are now the same