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Intelligence and context Nov 1, 2014 society & psychology & development & total_speculation A. Most efforts to construct artificial intelligence are focussed on computation: building a brain with the right program and enough computational Measuring resilience Aug 10, 2014 evaluation & development This article is work in progress! Feel free to add a comment. There should be a pdf at this link. After the terrible earthquake in Haiti in 2010, Does maintaining supply of water and sanitation in IDP sites after the relief phase encourage people to stay in the sites? Oct 2, 2013 development & evaluation & reproducibleResearch Does cutting them Does it make sense to try to measure progress on the highest levels of a logframe? Jun 22, 2013 development & evaluation & frameworks Another interesting discussion on the M&ENews mailing list - does it make sense to try to measure progress on the highest levels of a logframe? A IFRC Haiti Learning Conference and Evaluation Framework - main documents Aug 10, 2012 evaluation & development & disaster & IFRC Here they are: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ytsmeoxg7c6fnnl/AAAqwFMHiQBKsa7MXBUNSPwLa?dl=0 Using R for classification in small-N studies Jul 14, 2012 development & evaluation & reproducibleResearch Rick Davies just wrote an interesting post which combined thoughts on QCA (and multi-valued QCA or mvQCA) and classification trees with thoughts on Linus on having a vision or not Apr 21, 2012 development & learning Right now I am doing a short consultancy helping IFRC with a Learning Conference in Haiti. So we are having some interesting discussions on what a Outcome Mapping book chapter just out Mar 6, 2012 development & evaluation & research & outcome-mapping & social research Powell, Steve, Joakim Molander, and Ivona Čelebičić. ‘Assessment of Outcome Mapping as a Tool for Evaluating and Monitoring Support to Civil Society Democracy support pays off in the end, at least from the perspective of USAID, even in Egypt Aug 22, 2011 development & democracy & social research A pretty comprehensive quantitative study of the effectiveness of democracy support (Finkel et al 2007& 2008) found that, when controlling for a Paradox of Evaluation Counterfactuals Jul 15, 2011 development & evaluation Why does the counterfactual evaluation principle seem to break down in the following case? Suppose eleven organisations each bring enough vaccines What helped the the Egyptian revolution the most: Twitter, or the government switching it off? Apr 21, 2011 development & social research I have been really interested in the “meme” that the Egyptian revolution was “the first social media revolution” and have tolerated infographics United Nations Volunteers: Citizens’ contributions essential to Tajikistan’s national development goals: UN Report Apr 18, 2011 development & volunteerism & social research Понимание Добровольчества в Целях Развития в Юго-Восточной Европе и Содружестве Независимых Государств: Уроки, Направленные на Расширение Fairer Calls for Proposals in international development. A simple way to stop the bias! Apr 14, 2011 development & social research International development aid can shoot itself in the foot and end up making things worse. When Calls for Proposals for work in a particular country Value and measurability in development Oct 19, 2010 development & evaluation & research & social research There is an interesting discussion on the xceval mailing list right now about value and measurability in development. Seems to me there are four Three days, six people, three pages, one google doc Sep 21, 2010 collaboration & development & evaluation & tech & social research Just got back from Geneva where we - the four authors of the meta-evaluations of the ARC Tsunami Recovery Program - spent three days writing a