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Bar charts with percentage labels but counts on the y axis June 11, 2014 ggplot & reproducibleResearch Bar charts and histograms are easily to understand. I often write for non-specialist audiences so I tend to use them a lot. People like percentages Also in Bosnia & Herzegovina, satisfied parents are those who believe their school representatives are effective November 11, 2010 Bosnia-Herzegovina & education & ggplot & research & social research In the mixed effects regression for all 10 countries in the research I mentioned previously on this blog Which parents are satisfied with their child’s education? Those who know their class representative well. Especially in poor schools. October 14, 2010 education & ggplot & research & social research Another result from our OSI / ESP survey of nearly 11000 parents in ten countries. Dots are individual parents. The y-axis is individual parents’ Students in predominantly ethnic minority classes want segregated education very much. The others don’t. October 7, 2010 Bosnia-Herzegovina & education & ggplot & research & social research I just did this for what will hopefully be a book chapter on our Divided Education - Divided Citizens research project with NEPC. Explanation What is wrong with this graph? September 28, 2010 ggplot & psychology & social research This is a graph from our surveys with the University of Munich in B&H about ten years ago. In previous presentations (but not in peer-reviewed