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Publications June 26, 2022 research I just realised an easy way to put a whole folder of my publications on the web using Google Drive. https://bit.ly/sp99-publications. This page A reproducible workflow for evaluation reports January 11, 2019 R & reproducibleResearch & research & evaluation This is a draft of a short article for the UKES Bulletin. Most evaluators have to produce at least a few tables and graphics in their evaluation How do you explain reproducible research to clients? January 3, 2018 reproducibleResearch & research & evaluation Most of the statistics work I do now is reproducible research - this can offer a big advantage for clients but of course that doesn’t necessarily Links for my AEA eval2017 presentation, Washington DC October 18, 2017 evaluation & research & theorymaker AEA program listing. A short post here on this blog The book is not an easy read But there is an Epilogue right at the back of the book which Beaufort and Rubrics January 12, 2017 evaluation & research & outcome-mapping & social research A quick post about the Beaufort scale for wind speed, see below, as paradigm of a rubric. Rubrics are really important in evaluation. The Beaufort Judea Pearl June 1, 2016 evaluation & research & social research I only just came across the work of Judea Pearl (which shows how ignorant I am because he won the Turing Prize in 2011). I think his work is Emerging evaluation questions February 29, 2016 research & social research I am just now completing a team evaluation which involved us all applying a standard set of outline questions. Even without getting into the problem Assumptions and Context in Logic Models November 1, 2014 research & evaluation & social research How to distinguish assumptions and context in logic models? Here is one attempt. It isn’t quite right yet … A potential assumption in a logic model Social Capital article published at last July 2, 2013 research & socialCapital & volunteering & social research International Journal of Internet Science Volume 8, Issue 1 http://www.ijis.net/ijis8_1/ijis8_1_bosancianu_et_al.html Social Capital and Pro-Social Impact, Outcome and INUS causes July 12, 2012 research & evaluation Interesting discussion on the Outcome Mapping mailing list - here is something I just posted. This part of the discussion was about whether Outcome Progress Markers, Boundary Partners and Item-Response Theory June 8, 2012 research & evaluation There has recently been a discussion thread on the Outcome Mapping mailing list about progress markers and boundary partners. Briefly, a development How to mindmap your zotero items May 28, 2012 research & ubuntu & zotero I love zotero as a reference manager. And I love mindmaps. In particular I love docear, which is built on best-of-breed opensource mindmapper called Outcome Mapping book chapter just out March 6, 2012 development & evaluation & research & outcome-mapping & social research Powell, Steve, Joakim Molander, and Ivona Čelebičić. ‘Assessment of Outcome Mapping as a Tool for Evaluating and Monitoring Support to Civil Society Did poverty cause the England riots? Guardian graphic fails to correct for population density December 6, 2011 research & dataviz & social research via guardian.co.uk Great idea in principle. The yellow dots show where the accused live, and the redder districts are the poorest. But I guess these Smoking in cars: some evidence November 18, 2011 research & policy & social research The BMA (British Medical Association) Board of Science in the UK just kicked up a fuss by suggesting a complete smoking ban in cars. It is worth My first Reproducible Research Compendium December 14, 2010 evaluation & research & social research I have just completed my first Reproducible Research Compendium “Analysis of the combined survey datasets from the American Red Cross Tsunami Also in Bosnia & Herzegovina, satisfied parents are those who believe their school representatives are effective November 11, 2010 Bosnia-Herzegovina & education & ggplot & research & social research In the mixed effects regression for all 10 countries in the research I mentioned previously on this blog Volunteering, the flip side of work? November 1, 2010 research & volunteerism & social research Just been to a meeting in Istanbul on the “state of the worlds volunteerism”, where there was a lot of talk about the definition of volunteerism and State of the World’s Volunteerism - neatly balanced, maybe? November 1, 2010 Balkans & research & volunteerism & social research Just got back from Istanbul (actually an industrial estate outside Istanbul) to take part in a regional meeting to contribute to the State of the Value and measurability in development October 19, 2010 development & evaluation & research & social research There is an interesting discussion on the xceval mailing list right now about value and measurability in development. Seems to me there are four Which parents are satisfied with their child’s education? Those who know their class representative well. Especially in poor schools. October 14, 2010 education & ggplot & research & social research Another result from our OSI / ESP survey of nearly 11000 parents in ten countries. Dots are individual parents. The y-axis is individual parents’ Students in predominantly ethnic minority classes want segregated education very much. The others don’t. October 7, 2010 Bosnia-Herzegovina & education & ggplot & research & social research I just did this for what will hopefully be a book chapter on our Divided Education - Divided Citizens research project with NEPC. Explanation