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A PDF workflow which kills no kittens January 2, 2016 PDF & zotero I have spent really decades trying to find a decent workflow for storing, annotating and referencing research documents, mostly but not always PDFs. Your zotero filesystem October 3, 2014 reproducibleResearch & opensource & zotero Zotero is a really great tool for organising your scientific and professional documents and their citations, and keeping documents and citations Extract annotations and highlighted passages from PDF files October 3, 2014 reproducibleResearch & opensource & zotero Every student, researcher and scientist has to read and make notes and highlight or scribble on texts. In long-gone days I spent ages working on Uni emacs org-mode as outliner, bibliography and citation manager - working with zotero too December 12, 2013 reproducibleResearch & zotero Well, for now I have regretfully given up on docear for writing papers - although it fantastic to be able to mindmap your ideas and citations, it Auto-send pdfs from zotero to your kindle and convert for easy reading June 12, 2012 lyx & opensource & ubuntu & zotero Lately I have been using my Kindle Touch for reading work-related pdfs in peace and quiet at home. So I faced three problems: most scientific pdfs How to mindmap your zotero items May 28, 2012 research & ubuntu & zotero I love zotero as a reference manager. And I love mindmaps. In particular I love docear, which is built on best-of-breed opensource mindmapper called Zotero standalone, lyz, lyx, bibtex integration October 12, 2011 lyx & opensource & ubuntu & zotero Just to report that lyz (formerly known as lytero) is still working for me with zotero standalone on ubuntu 11.10. Lyz is a great tool to integrate Using APA citation and bibliography styles in Lyx November 29, 2010 lyx & zotero Lyx (lyx.org) is IMHO certainly the best software for writing longer, structured documents like a thesis. But most of its users are in the hard Dropbox and zotero May 13, 2009 dropbox & zotero Have been pretty impressed by dropbox. It allows us to sync our work laptops with our main shared folder at work, plus it provides realtime backup