Three days, six people, three pages, one google doc

Just got back from Geneva where we - the four authors of the meta-evaluations of the ARC Tsunami Recovery Program - spent three days writing a combined three-page report on what we had found. We did it all in Google docs. So from nine to five every day (and for some of the evenings) we sat round a table with our laptops open, typing away at the same thing and also talking over the top of the screens. It was certainly an interesting process and the results weren’t bad. It was definitely better than emailing back and forth or trying to write it all together using a projector. Whether it was better as a product than one person taking the lead and others making comments I don’t know: but I do know that we all feel that we agree with more or less all of it.

Up next Unlimited conditional formats in openoffice spreadsheet It’s annoying that openoffice, and I believe Excel too, limits you to just three formats which can be applied through conditional formatting. For Google docs a good way of reaching consensus? So we have now finished our google doc, four people over three days etc., and a couple more nights afterwards. Writing it on google docs certainly
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