Zotero standalone, lyz, lyx, bibtex integration

Just to report that lyz (formerly known as lytero) is still working for me with zotero
standalone on ubuntu 11.10.
Lyz is a great tool to integrate lyx, the best tool for writing
scientific documents, with zotero, the best citation manager.

What I had to do were the usual steps for linux:

  1. Assuming you already have lyx and zotero standalone, now download
    and install the plugin from http://www.klubko.net/wp/?p=1638.
  2. set the pipe in lyx: tools/preferences/paths. In linux this has to
    be set to [home directory]/.lyx/lyxpipe, don’t know about windows. I
    actually created an empty text file ~/.lyx/lyxpipe and this seemed to
    Reconfigure lyx using the menu item, and it should generate files
    called in and out (or similar) in that directory when you restart lyx.
    Then you have do identify that same directory from the lytero settings
    in firefox.

Also, you may need to play with the key settings. I didn’t. If you
have problems, look on the zotero forums.

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