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An evaluation puzzle: “Billionaire” Jul 27, 2020 A billionaire left 10 million EUR in his will to establish a trust, with instructions that it should be used to “just do good”. During the ten years Using Dropbox for syncing Shiny app data on Amazon EC2 Mar 30, 2020 R & nerdvana & causalmapping I’ve been working more or less full-time on our app for causal mapping, now called simply “Causal Map” for over a year now. You can find out more on Progress on the Causal Map app Mar 30, 2020 evaluation & theorymaker & causalmapping & causal-mapping I’ve been working more or less full-time on our app for causal mapping, now called simply “Causal Map” for over a year now. You can find out more on Articles and presentations related to Causal Maps and Theorymaker Mar 26, 2020 evaluation & theorymaker & visualisation Here are some things I’ve already written as steps on the road to understanding causal mapping. If you’ve read any of these, you might be interested Better ways to present country-level data on a world map: equal-area cartograms Feb 1, 2019 r & social research I’m just working on a report for the IFRC. There is lots of data from 190 different Red Cross Red Crescent National Societies around the world1. A starter kit for reproducible research with R Jan 11, 2019 R & reproducibleResearch & evaluation This accompanies my draft short article for the UKES Bulletin: A reproducible workflow for evaluation reports. Here are just two files which A reproducible workflow for evaluation reports Jan 11, 2019 R & reproducibleResearch & research & evaluation This is a draft of a short article for the UKES Bulletin. Most evaluators have to produce at least a few tables and graphics in their evaluation Welcome to the Wiggle Room Aug 29, 2018 evaluation & theorymaker & visualisation Inspired by Judea Pearl’s new “The Book of Why”, and also by Nicky Case’s work on explorables, I’ve started work on a explorable web app. Pearl Realtime comments on a Theory of Change May 8, 2018 evaluation Wouldn’t it be great if, for an evaluation, you could map out the project’s theory of change and then pin the data (the answers to the evaluation Responses to open questions shown as tooltips in a chart May 7, 2018 Open questions in surveys are a great idea. But often, we don’t really have time to looking at them in detail. Here’s a suggestion to make more use A panel on visualising Theories of Change for EES 2018? Jan 11, 2018 evaluation & theorymaker & visualisation I am thinking of getting together a panel presentation on this topic for The European Evaluation Society conference in Greece 1-5 October 2018: Peer mentoring for evaluators Jan 7, 2018 evaluation Peer mentoring – It is good practice for professionals who often work alone to be able to call on a mentor. I am beginning a co-mentoring How do you explain reproducible research to clients? Jan 3, 2018 reproducibleResearch & research & evaluation Most of the statistics work I do now is reproducible research - this can offer a big advantage for clients but of course that doesn’t necessarily Links for my AEA eval2017 presentation, Washington DC Oct 18, 2017 evaluation & research & theorymaker AEA program listing. A short post here on this blog The book is not an easy read But there is an Epilogue right at the back of the book which Showing developments over time in a Theory of Change: Unicode Sparklines ▇▆▅▃▂ Sep 21, 2017 Theorymaker Sometimes in Theories of Change it is very useful to be able to present simple developments over time, for example an increase or decrease or Moved to Clevedon, UK! Sep 4, 2017 This is just to say that I’ve moved with my family to Clevedon, UK - leaving Sarajevo after very nearly 20 years, … leaving a whole heap of dear Beaufort and Rubrics Jan 12, 2017 evaluation & research & outcome-mapping & social research A quick post about the Beaufort scale for wind speed, see below, as paradigm of a rubric. Rubrics are really important in evaluation. The Beaufort Judea Pearl Jun 1, 2016 evaluation & research & social research I only just came across the work of Judea Pearl (which shows how ignorant I am because he won the Turing Prize in 2011). I think his work is Everything should be evidence-based - if only the evidence would make up its mind already May 18, 2016 twitter & evaluation & Theories of Change & social research This question came up on an Evaluation mailing list and was forwarded to non other than Andrew Gelman, and for our purposes it can be boiled down Using tags on blot.im to get a custom rss feed e.g. for contributing to r-bloggers. May 16, 2016 socialmedia On my old blog, any posts tagged with appeared in special rss feed with the tag , which was picked up by r-bloggers. On this shiny new blog powered Next page