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causal-map Apr 22, 2021
causal-map Apr 22, 2021 Causal Map intro Sep 24, 2020 causal-mapping causal map intro Causal Mapping - an earlier guide Jul 28, 2020 causal-mapping It seems like ancient history now, but I’ve just come across some writings from last year about causal mapping and our new app. Enjoy The walk to school in Sarajevo Jul 28, 2020 photos the walk to school in sarajevo Glitches Jul 28, 2020 This blog is hosted at blot.im which is a wonderfully simple service. Yesterday I added another blog on the same account and the dates of some of Draft blog post for AEA365 Jul 27, 2020 social research This is a blog post I’m working on for the AEA365 blog, we’re going to do a series on the Theories of Evaluation TIG. Hi, I’m Steve Powell, a Theory Maker! Jul 27, 2020 r & software & theorymaker & evaluation & mande & Theorymaker “A theory of change for our project!” “Great, but so fiddly to actually draw.” Theory Maker is designed to meet this need. Theory Maker is a Inventory & analysis of small conservation grants, C&W Africa - Powell & Mesbach! Lots of charts! Jul 27, 2020 r & dataviz & conservation & IUCN & Africa & reproducibleResearch & evaluation Here it is at last This was an interesting job. We visited three countries, did a lot of interesting interviews, and a lot of data analysis. This Answering the “why” question: piecing together multiple pieces of causal information Jul 27, 2020 Theorymaker & causal-mapping ((This is an abstract I just submitted to the 2019 DGeval conference in Bonn.)) We evaluators often ask questions about what causes what — because rbind.fill for 1-dimensional tables in r Jul 27, 2020 r I have two one-dimensional frequency tables resulting from say the baseline and endline of a survey, recording say membership of 5 age groups. The yED graph editor Jul 27, 2020 Here I’m going to make some notes about using yED graph editor for Theory of Change diagrams. I’ll add to it as I find out more. TL;DR: Seems like a Examples of trivial graph format Jul 27, 2020 tgf Can be imported by yED. The simplest version is this: etc. This version allows you to have longer node labels: (a Using attr labels for ggplot Jul 27, 2020 r In social sciences, variables often have long and informative labels. Mostly they are too long to put into variable names, and often you want to An evaluation puzzle: “Talent show” Jul 27, 2020 An NGO offers a play activity for Roma children, with the modest aim of “Providing safe and supportive spaces”. Most of the children don’t like the An evaluation puzzle: “Mobile first” Jul 27, 2020 Oxfam fixes the mobile network in the whole country, and Save the Children fixes the school. The school couldn’t have been fixed without the mobile An evaluation puzzle: “Many hands” Jul 27, 2020 In its report, CARE say they saved the villagers from being swept away in the flood. A critic argues, even if CARE hadn’t intervened An evaluation puzzle: Loaves and fishes Jul 27, 2020 Oxfam fixes the road after the flood, and Save the Children fixes the school. The school couldn’t have been fixed without the road. Both of the An evaluation puzzle: “Freak weather” Jul 27, 2020 Two NGOs prepare ships to help people stranded after a tsunami on a remote island. NGO A is well-prepared and sets sail in time. NGO B has barely An evaluation puzzle: “Billionaire” Jul 27, 2020 A billionaire left 10 million EUR in his will to establish a trust, with instructions that it should be used to “just do good”. During the ten years Publications Jul 26, 2020 research I just realised an easy way to put a whole folder of my publications on the web using Google Drive. https://bit.ly/sp99-publications. This page
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