Shutdown of the original Theorymaker

Since about 2012 (I think) I’ve been providing an app called Theorymaker as a simple text-based way to construct theories of change for evaluators. It’s always been free. It was used by hundreds of people over the years. Unfortunately a few days ago the app ceased to function for a reason I don’t understand. Probably Amazon AWS (where it is hosted) have changed something I’m not aware of. I’m so busy at the moment with Causal Map that sadly I don’t have time to work out what’s happened and fix it.

You can still reach it at you might get a security warning but you can ignore that.

I made an AI version here:

If you have a ChatGPT Plus there is an amazing app which does all of this and more.

I’m very sorry that the original app is no longer available and for any inconvenience this might have caused. When I get a bit more spare time I’ll see if I can find out what happened. Get in touch if you need anything.

January 2, 2024