A starter kit for reproducible research with R

This accompanies my draft short article for the UKES Bulletin: A reproducible workflow for evaluation reports.

Here are just two files which together get you started with a bare-bones reproducible research project.

  • Install and install R and RStudio.
  • Download this little example of a reproducible source file and an accompanying example Excel file describing the heights and ages of a bunch of boys and girls in a school.
  • Save them together in a new folder.
  • Double-click the source file to open it in RStudio. The source file has a couple of commands to read the Excel file, clean it and make a table and a chart, as well as plain text which becomes the headings and body of the document.
  • Press the blue Knit” button in RStudio, you will get a beautiful Word document.
  • Try editing the text and then press Knit” again to see what happens.

January 11, 2019