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Inventory & analysis of small conservation grants, C&W Africa - Powell & Mesbach! Lots of charts! July 27, 2020 r & dataviz & conservation & IUCN & Africa & reproducibleResearch & evaluation Here it is at last This was an interesting job. We visited three countries, did a lot of interesting interviews, and a lot of data analysis. This GANTT software June 10, 2014 opensource & tech & ubuntu & dataviz I quite often get asked (and ask myself) what is the best GANTT software for basic use. Recently we have been comparing a few solutions so here are Joy of colour April 16, 2012 dataviz I felt I had to share this gorgeously simple trick for finding the colour name you need in R. Kudos to Did poverty cause the England riots? Guardian graphic fails to correct for population density December 6, 2011 research & dataviz & social research via guardian.co.uk Great idea in principle. The yellow dots show where the accused live, and the redder districts are the poorest. But I guess these The rule of “white” October 8, 2011 dataviz & datamining & society & total_speculation More fun conflating linguistic change with social change using I like the growth of silver compared to gold The rise of “kiss” in British and American English. Who sets the trends? October 8, 2011 datamining & dataviz & society & total_speculation More fun conflating linguistic change with social change. The second graph is British. Note the different y-axes. This growth and the subsequent Unlimited conditional formats in openoffice spreadsheet September 20, 2010 tech & opensource & dataviz It’s annoying that openoffice, and I believe Excel too, limits you to just three formats which can be applied through conditional formatting. For