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Inventory & analysis of small conservation grants, C&W Africa - Powell & Mesbach! Lots of charts! July 27, 2020 r & dataviz & conservation & IUCN & Africa & reproducibleResearch & evaluation Here it is at last This was an interesting job. We visited three countries, did a lot of interesting interviews, and a lot of data analysis. This A starter kit for reproducible research with R January 11, 2019 R & reproducibleResearch & evaluation This accompanies my draft short article for the UKES Bulletin: A reproducible workflow for evaluation reports. Here are just two files which A reproducible workflow for evaluation reports January 11, 2019 R & reproducibleResearch & research & evaluation This is a draft of a short article for the UKES Bulletin. Most evaluators have to produce at least a few tables and graphics in their evaluation How do you explain reproducible research to clients? January 3, 2018 reproducibleResearch & research & evaluation Most of the statistics work I do now is reproducible research - this can offer a big advantage for clients but of course that doesn’t necessarily Custom build system for compiling rmarkdown files in plantuml in sublime-text 3 January 1, 2015 opensource & plaintext & ubuntu & reproducibleResearch Here is my custom build system for compiling markdown files including plantuml chunks in sublime-text 3 on Linux. Obviously you will have to replace Custom build system for compiling rmarkdown files in sublime-text 3 November 9, 2014 reproducibleResearch & ubuntu & opensource Here is my custom build system for compiling rmarkdown files in sublime-text 3 on Linux. Obviously you will have to replace the /home/steve parts Extract annotations and highlighted passages from PDF files October 3, 2014 reproducibleResearch & opensource & zotero Every student, researcher and scientist has to read and make notes and highlight or scribble on texts. In long-gone days I spent ages working on Uni Your zotero filesystem October 3, 2014 reproducibleResearch & opensource & zotero Zotero is a really great tool for organising your scientific and professional documents and their citations, and keeping documents and citations From wordpress to pelican September 10, 2014 reproducibleResearch & opensource Wordpress is a great blogging engine. But I spend almost all my time with plaintext files in markdown. Whatever I am working on, from my CV to Bar charts with percentage labels but counts on the y axis June 11, 2014 ggplot & reproducibleResearch Bar charts and histograms are easily to understand. I often write for non-specialist audiences so I tend to use them a lot. People like percentages Floating table of contents for your html reports using knitr April 28, 2014 reproducibleResearch If you love knitr and rstudio and use them to produce long reports, you probably know that you can produce a table of contents in your html (and emacs org-mode as outliner, bibliography and citation manager - working with zotero too December 12, 2013 reproducibleResearch & zotero Well, for now I have regretfully given up on docear for writing papers - although it fantastic to be able to mindmap your ideas and citations, it Does maintaining supply of water and sanitation in IDP sites after the relief phase encourage people to stay in the sites? October 2, 2013 development & evaluation & reproducibleResearch Does cutting them Rstudio starts to codefold markdown September 16, 2013 reproducibleResearch Rstudiois a great tool for working with R and R scripts. And Markdown is a great way to write even complex, reproducible documents in plain text. So Omni test for statistical significance May 9, 2013 reproducibleResearch & surveyResearch In survey research, our datasets nearly always comprise variables with mixed measurement levels - in particular, nominal, ordinal and continuous, or Rstudio, not vim, for reports January 25, 2013 reproducibleResearch I just wasted a dozen hours scattered over several days testing out vim instead of r-studio for when I am writing longer reports with a lot of text Using R for classification in small-N studies July 14, 2012 development & evaluation & reproducibleResearch Rick Davies just wrote an interesting post which combined thoughts on QCA (and multi-valued QCA or mvQCA) and classification trees with thoughts on Roma parents’ views on participation in education in B&H. July 10, 2011 Bosnia-Herzegovina & education & reproducibleResearch & Roma & social research Our OSI funded project on parental participation in schools in B&H in 2009, which employed a representative face-to-face survey of 1143 parents, Another example of why research should be reproducible. July 10, 2011 reproducibleResearch & social research via nytimes.com If only the original journal had made them submit their data and source code for peer inspection. It wouldn’t stop this kind of Stop your figures jumping about in odfWeave January 21, 2011 odfWeave & reproducibleResearch If you use odfWeave to produce figures, you will probably find they jump about when scrolling through the document — because the figures and figure Problems with R September 20, 2010 opensource & reproducibleResearch Struggling for two whole days to do some not-terribly-advanced repeated-measures analysis of variance in R. Probably my worst experience with R so