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Intelligence and context Nov 1, 2014 society & psychology & development & total_speculation A. Most efforts to construct artificial intelligence are focussed on computation: building a brain with the right program and enough computational The Googleverse of Feelings Mar 6, 2014 future & psychology & socialCapital & society & total_speculation Is the free-text search box the defining invention of the last twenty years? I think it probably is. Now more than half the entire Western world The rule of “white” Oct 8, 2011 dataviz & datamining & society & total_speculation More fun conflating linguistic change with social change using I like the growth of silver compared to gold The rise of “kiss” in British and American English. Who sets the trends? Oct 8, 2011 datamining & dataviz & society & total_speculation More fun conflating linguistic change with social change. The second graph is British. Note the different y-axes. This growth and the subsequent It’s all steam, really May 21, 2010 total_speculation US geneticist creates first synthetic life. “It’s all software” he says, like Victorians said “it’s all steampower”