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Theory Maker - technical details November 12, 2015
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Illogical frameworks, composite results, and logframe bloat. November 26, 2011
Smoking in cars: some evidence November 18, 2011
Zotero standalone, lyz, lyx, bibtex integration October 12, 2011
The rule of “white” October 8, 2011
The rise of “kiss” in British and American English. Who sets the trends? October 8, 2011
Authority is not losing out to democracy, but to change. October 8, 2011
angry, sorry, happy, joy, sad, pleasure, depression - which do you think is most popular in 2011? October 8, 2011
Democracy support pays off in the end, at least from the perspective of USAID, even in Egypt August 22, 2011
Paradox of Evaluation Counterfactuals July 15, 2011
Roma parents’ views on participation in education in B&H. July 10, 2011
Another example of why research should be reproducible. July 10, 2011
What helped the the Egyptian revolution the most: Twitter, or the government switching it off? April 21, 2011
United Nations Volunteers: Citizens’ contributions essential to Tajikistan’s national development goals: UN Report April 18, 2011
Fairer Calls for Proposals in international development. A simple way to stop the bias! April 14, 2011
Two datasets for buying a car March 30, 2011
Stop your figures jumping about in odfWeave January 21, 2011
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Volunteering, the flip side of work? November 1, 2010
State of the World’s Volunteerism - neatly balanced, maybe? November 1, 2010
Value and measurability in development October 19, 2010
Which parents are satisfied with their child’s education? Those who know their class representative well. Especially in poor schools. October 14, 2010
Students in predominantly ethnic minority classes want segregated education very much. The others don’t. October 7, 2010
What is wrong with this graph? September 28, 2010
Openstreetmap shows streets for B&H, can be used on android phones September 23, 2010
Unending frustration with the anonymous style required in academic documents September 23, 2010
The most controversial of all psychiatric diagnoses just won’t lie down: and giving the problem to a committee just didn’t help. September 22, 2010
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Windows 7 RC in Virtualbox in ubuntu jaunty with Awesome Window Manager May 13, 2009
Title: Tenses in Colour May 3, 2005

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