February 19, 2016

Inventory & analysis of small conservation grants, C&W Africa - Powell & Mesbach! Lots of charts!

Here it is at last

This was an interesting job.

We visited three countries, did a lot of interesting interviews, and a lot of data analysis.

This project really made me shocked about how fast Western civilisation and Chinese money are eating up Africa’s nature.

I admit I got a bit distracted by the coding side of it.

It went like this:

We wrote to a lot of the agencies funding small conservation grants but of course we didn’t get much data from many of them. So I wrote long scripts to scrape all the websites and automated the whole report. Also, data was gathered from aiddata.org, which gathers and refines the OECD data, using the aiddata API, so it was a fully reproducible Rmarkdown product really and looked quite nice, with about 150 charts. Until of course it had to get squeezed into Microsoft Word in the end.

Is this big data”? Not really.

Data from one of the fundsData from one of the funds

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